CrossPay Rebrands as FarmTrek

“CrossPay” is rebranded “FarmTrek” towards a more holistic representation of the app’s scope of services and offering. All references to the app prior to this date will retain name of ‘CrossPay’, and all references of it from this date forth will be ‘FarmTrek’.

We gave considerable thought to keeping, or rebranding, CrossPay, a name that is loved and familiar to all of us, and for us, synonymous to the work we do to change the world, bring about better lives and create win-win situations. Yet, in objective consideration, CrossPay is neither just a ‘pay’ platform, nor just a ‘loan’ platform. Also regrettably, it does not convey our vision of ‘creating value and improving lives’, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings and confusion from arising, and to build a consistent brand, as we close the year, let us also bid goodbye to CrossPay and welcome FarmTrek.

“Why FarmTrek? Firstly, ‘trek’ is homonym of ‘track’ which is what the app does, establishing provenance and enabling trust and tracking of a new class of asset. Creating hope. And whilst many a mind might visualise ‘trek’ as a leisurely exercise, perhaps on the Camino de Santiago, for us, ‘trek’ also conveys the arduous lifelong travail across farms, especially for one with no light at the end of the road. Hopelessness.”
Roy Lai, Founder & CEO of InfoCorp Technologies, adding,
“The logo of FarmTrek is an infographic of a farmer as he journeys across the farm, in dark and to light, conveying both hopelessness to hope.”
All existing videos on our YouTube channel will commence with 5 seconds advise that “‘CrossPay’ is now “FarmTrek” effective 21 December 2018’.

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Merry Christmas!