“This is a significant event introducing inaugural of livestock identification and indexing service in Bangladesh to deliver social and economic empowerment to cattle farmers in the country with 25 million (2.5 crore) cattle population.”

Spectra Convention Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 February 2019, 11 a.m.: InfoCorp Technologies partners Green Delta Insurance (GDIC) to carry out a joint-pilot in Bangladesh with the use of InfoCorp’s FarmTrek app for registration of livestock and livestock owner identity, issuance and storage of livestock insurance policies and tracking and identification of livestock via the use of NFC collar livestock tag.

The partnership is sealed with an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between both companies by Mr. Roy Lai, Founder and CEO of InfoCorp Technologies and Ms. Farzana Chowdhury, Chartered Insurer, Managing Director and CEO of GDIC. In attendance were some 20+ carefully selected editors and journalists from Bangladesh’s leading publications across newspapers, TV channels, radios and online portals.

All attention on introduction of InfoCorp. From right to left: Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman Khan, Ms. Farzana Chowdhury, Mr. Nasir A. Chowdhury, Mr. Roy Lai, and Mr. Syed Moinuddin Ahmed.

This partnership — between Bangladesh’s largest general insurance company, promoting livestock insurance and the world’s first blockchain company that created a platform for livestock-backed financial services — is one that promises high social and economic impact by unlocking the capital in cattle for cattle farmers in Bangladesh, home to 25 million cattle population.

“Green Delta Insurance is embarking on a high-tech route to enable the issuance of livestock insurance that will bring huge socio-economic benefits to farmers in Bangladesh,” said Farzana Chowdhury, adding, “When we can introduce holistic solutions that bring economic benefits for society, it is also good for business”.

“We are very excited to be partnering with GDIC to bring our blockchain platform to Bangladesh, our second market after our entry into Myanmar in 2018.” expressed Mr. Roy Lai, adding, “We believe that this partnership will create a financial ecosystem solves the risk of livestock insurance by addressing such issues as identity and asset ownership frauds, data security and credit security risks. This potentially transforms the market into a force for development by enabling the use of livestock as collaterals.”

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Here are more photos from the event:

GDIC founder & advisor, Mr. Nasir A. Chowdhury and daughter, CEO & MD of GDIC, Farzana Chowdhury with Roy Lai, Founder & CEO of InfoCorp Technologies.

Q&A session with the media

Q&A session with the media

Q&A session with the media

Q&A session with the media

Q&A session with the media

Mr Roy Lai, Founder & CEO of InfoCorp Technologies

Ms. Farzana Chowdhury, CEO & MD of GDIC

Ms. Chowdury, an SDG Pioneer discussing the Sustainable Development Goals with Chan Sue Meng, InfoCorp’s Director of Strategic Communications, and a GRi Sustainability Reporting Specialist.

The GDIC Team

Syed Moinuddin Ahmed, Addl. MD & Co. Sec. with Ms. Chowdhury and Ali Tareque Parvez, Deputy Senior VP, Underwriting Mgt. Dept.

InfoCorp and GDIC making a significant step together towards shared values of financial inclusion for farming communities (in Bangladesh).
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With so many things happening in the world of change this year, we’ve certainly had plenty to reflect on and plenty to look forward to in the coming months as well. It is with gratitude to all in the team and our strong community supporting the Sentinel Chain vision, for without one and all of us, we would not have come this far this soon.

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